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Some patterns are really dumb in telling you to finish the body of an outfit, then finish the sleeve, then attach a circle to a circle. It’s possible to do, and once in a while it’s necessary,…

This, very much this. Sleeves are absolute bitches to sew in if you have to do it the traditional way. You’ll save yourself a ton of frustration and trouble if you cheat it all.
Like mentioned, though, this wouldn’t work for everything- especially jackets and coats. But it will work for most simple blouses, shirts and dresses. :D

Sewing Tips and Tricks- Explained


So in this post, I listed some of my favorite tips and tricks. Since writing, I’ve gotten some questions that I’ll try to address here.

1. What is horsehair braid/how do I use it?

Horsehair is a plastic net-like hemming ‘trim’ found in the notions. It’s used on curving hems like circle…


Great machine Jeremy. How many horsepower? 

Clarkson on a sewing machine. My life could not possibly get any better than this. 

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About the Shego sweater

So my Tumblr exploded a little after this. (13 notes in a day time. To me, that’s a TON) 
I’ve been playing with the idea of cartoon/anime inspired ready-to-wear clothing for quite a while now, but never really got around to doing it. This sounds like a good moment to do so, though! 
For those of you interested in a Shego sweater: I’ll keep you updated! Give me some time though, I’m right in the middle of my final exams. DD: 

(oh god I hate these pics but it’s all I have right now and it doesn’t look like I’m getting any better ones any time soon life is hard) 

A while ago, I decided I needed a new sweater but didn’t have the money to buy a new one or buy materials to make one- so I decided to go with what I still had lying around. Which were some big scraps from an other Shego-related project. So I decided to make Shego into a sweater! 
It isn’t perfect, but it’s really warm and snazzy, so all’s good. <3 

The pics really don’t do any justice to the real thing- the colours are a lot more vibrant in real life and my phone camera is a butt. BUT HEY. 

I’m concidering making a few more and putting those up for sale. Whaddayathink? :D 


Artist: まるむし

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Hey so I decided to make me some Ryuko Matoi! The costume isn’t perfect (just like my belly, ahahahaha) but it’ll do for now. Proportions on Senketsu are tough! o_o 

I wore this on Tsunacon 2014, here in the Netherlands- and I’ve never been recognised THIS MUCH OHH LORD. DD: 

Pictures were made by Marjolein (or MikoBura here on Tumblr and on Flickr) from RE: PLICA which she hosts together with her boyfriend. Who was the one to take the pictures from my Bee cosplay. :D 

Normally I don’t really like cosplaying from popular series. And when I do, I mostly end up picking an unpopular or side character. This time though, the protagonist ROCKED MY SOCKS. And thus I stepped out of my comfort zone and started on a costume that had a short skirt and a visible belly. 
I haven’t had the time nor the materials to complete Ryuko/Senketsu entirely like I’d want to (there’s some major minor mistakes on the glove, I’m not content with the black hip somethingemagics and, obviously, I’m MISSING MY SCISSORBLADE), so I’ll go and take my time to improve it for another, bigger event later this year. I’m so excited to wear this costume again! And that time it’d even being better! :D 

Here’s another thing I did! 

My Peter Pan cosplay’s already about half a year old, but I never got around getting decent pictures taken of it. The photographer who took these isn’t really content, so I guess we’ll have to find an other time to try again (woe is me!), but this’ll have to do till then! 
Also my wig. Goddarnit, stupid headhamster. >:I

Peter’s one of my child heroes. I watched Disney’s Peter Pan along with Robin Hood at my grandparents’ house every time I was over- at least once. My love was complete when last year, I read Brom’s Child thief and only a short while ago, J.M. Barrie’s original Peter in Kensington Gardens and Peter and Wendy. It’s an amazing read, and since it’s from before copyright was a thing, you can even find it on the internet in it’s original form! YOU CAN READ IT FOR FREE, TUMBLR. 

One of the things I think is most amazing about Peter is his carefree (though dangerous) attitude. Life comes as it does and everything is a new adventure. He might not learn from his adventures and they might even be completely in his own mind, but he enjoys every last second of it. 

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” 

Whoop, I’m alive! 

For Nishicon, last weekend (16/17th of november) I decided to dress up as Bee. Sadly, I didn’t have any time left to get myself a Puppycat too. 

I got recognised four times. Think that’s a lot, actually, for such a small convention! o_o 


(what you can’t see here, is that the shorts actually have softer pink buttpockets, like Bee also has. This, and the lack of Puppycat and candy(wrappers), calls for a proper, off-con Bee shoot once!)

MAJOR AWESOME THANKSES to my good friend Daniel from RE:PLICA for taking pictures.