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A thing changed!

In the past few years, I ended up with three Tumblrs- this one, princefrill and dutchcosplayers (which is new and which I am highly excited about). They’re nice and all, but all my Tumblr blogs ended up being incredibly specific, thus leaving absolutely no room for shameless reblogging and fangirling. So I made a blog for that too! (Oh god what am I doing) 
It’s princessleareblogs- and please don’t feel offended when I unfollow you on this account and start following you on that account- it’s mostly just so I don’t constantly have to fight the urge to spam non-relevant things here. :’D If you want to know all the things that make my world go ‘round that are non-sewing related, go follow me there. Or don’t, ofcourse. :>

So there you go! A little update on my life on Tumblr! 

“I left my sleeping bag out to dry.
It got blown off the line.
A bird pooped on it.
The End”


- R
Based on a true story by Lea (via somesupershortstories)

So I told some people what had happened with my sleeping bag the past night and the next moment my sleeping bag is a short story. <3

It doesn’t happen much that I make clothing for myself- though I really should more often. This was originally scrap material from a clothing piece I made for my graduation project, but there was still enough left to make something extra. And since the fabric is incredibly pretty.. <3 
I chose for a simple design with a wide neckline, because I don’t really own a lot of nice, simple, girl-y shirts. The back has a silk-y band in the middle, both to give the shirt some detail and do hide the seam that was unavoidable. 

(also I like my closet as a background.)

Updates HURRAY! 

So from the 13th till the 15th of June it was Animecon in The Hague, Netherlands. I only had one new cosplay (this one) and no time to update the others for that weekend, because I was in the middle of my final exams at that point (on a slightly related note: I passed! YAY!), but there’s nothing wrong with wearing a cosplay multiple times. 

I was IMMENSELY busy on the con with my Cosplay Repair Point, but luckily, I did find some time somewhere inbetween to go outside and get these shots taken by Pashiri (a good friend of mine, who doesn’t have a portfolio site yet. DAMN YOU!). He managed to capture all kinds of sides of me that I didn’t know I had. :’D Seductive Ryuko, how do I. 

ANYWAY- I made Pajamas!Ryuko. :D 
The best thing about Kill la Kill is her having a LOT of costumes. And from the moment I saw her in Mako’s old pajamas, I knew it had to be done. And thus it happened! 
The whole pajamas are made from a thin jersey fabric and all the bunny heads are cut separatedly, the face drawn on (with help from a mold), ironed and then stitched on. 
I tried to make the pajamas as tight-fitting as possible, without it getting (or looking) uncomfortable. 
The scissorblade is made from MDF wood, sanded, primed, spraypainted in “Royal red” and finished off with a matte varnish/topcoat. 
Also tummy. I really need to start working out. Whelp. 

“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.”

—   Unknown (via villere)

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Kanzashi-Flower Tutorial (pretty easy)

You need 2 matching fabrics, needle, thread, glue-gun, felt in a matching colour, a button and optional a rhinestone.

Step 1: cut circles

- fabric 1: 7 circles diameter 8,5 cm (a water glass)

                 6 circles diameter 5,5 cm ( a shot glass)

- fabric 2: 7 circles diameter 8,5 cm

Step 2: Fold and saddle stich

- fold each circle two times and place one triangle over the other

- sew a few times at the bottom of each double-triangle and pull the thread

- add the other triangles to the line

- finish the circle by connecting the ends

- do the same with the 6 small circles

Step 3: load your gun

- glue a felt-circle to the bottom of the bigger flower

- flip around and glue the smaller flower to the center of the bigger one

- finally glue a button to the center of the smaller one

- optionally add a rhinestone

Have fun! This is easy to make and looks great. :)

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Oh, there&#8217;s a small give-away going on, on facebook! Click the picture to go there and things. :D (Dutchies-only, sorry! ;^; )




Someone asked that this be rebloggable so HURR YOU GO

Some patterns are really dumb in telling you to finish the body of an outfit, then finish the sleeve, then attach a circle to a circle. It’s possible to do, and once in a while it’s necessary,…

This, very much this. Sleeves are absolute bitches to sew in if you have to do it the traditional way. You’ll save yourself a ton of frustration and trouble if you cheat it all.
Like mentioned, though, this wouldn’t work for everything- especially jackets and coats. But it will work for most simple blouses, shirts and dresses. :D

Sewing Tips and Tricks- Explained


So in this post, I listed some of my favorite tips and tricks. Since writing, I’ve gotten some questions that I’ll try to address here.

1. What is horsehair braid/how do I use it?

Horsehair is a plastic net-like hemming ‘trim’ found in the notions. It’s used on curving hems like circle…